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Delta Triennial opens June 28 at Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts

The Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts in Little Rock has announced details of the 2024 Delta Triennial Exhibition. The exhibit opens June 28 and will be up through August 25 in the Harriet and Warren Stephens Galleries and will feature works by 39 selected artists and seven invited artists representing Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.

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Rm taker and giver

Winter Arts Guide 2024: Upcoming Exhibitions

Rob Matthews has been teasing a series of large, colorful, graphic abstract paintings on Instagram for months, and we’ll finally get to see the real things when the artist opens Fragments at David Lusk in March.

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Homeward by Huger Foote

I stay open and allow myself be drawn to places and things that move me. The pictures reveal what I am seeking, a hidden story emerging from this land of ghosts, rivers, and sky. I will travel soon to other destinations and find inspiration there too, but it is here that the basis is formed.

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As shouldering

Art Squat: Anne Siems

Anne Siems is one of those extremely versatile artists where you simply can’t help but excitedly wonder “ What will she be creating next ?”

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Ce marble 16

Studio Magic

Catherine Erb has re-considered the urban landscape with blurred effects to expose the raw beauty of billboards, graffiti and River City landmarks. Every cloud painting tells a story, and each marble work represents an act of kindness that transcends children's games with energy and movement.

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Untitled (Kudzu, Hale County)

Crawl Space | January 2023

SOUTHERN IMAGE TAKERS offers a great primer on the work of these pioneering Southern photographers, but also explores their creative relationship. Both artists contributed to establishing color photography as a legitimate fine-art medium, and their images of quotidian subjects — Southern people and places — reveal the overlooked weirdness and wonder of our unique region.

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