Artists in Isolation Series | DAVID ONRI ANDERSON

Cosmic Queen of the Unseen Detail 1

In this current time of COVID-19 isolation, I have been thinking more of ways to live sustainably with Nature and materials that are already at hand.

Cosmic Queen of the Unseen Detail 3

I have been foraging ear mushrooms from my backyard, working on a chicken coop and a new garden, and collecting detritus and other oddities to create paintings and sculpture with. I have also been observing the sky and the stars and planets that glow over Tennessee.

Studio activity with Eve

Recently, I have been having visions of strange beings that represent different elements in the world. So I made a painting I call 'Cosmic Queen of the Unseen' and I used ashes from a campfire I made to create a ground for the painting. As I've been working in the studio, my partner Eve Maret who is an electronic musician, has been making music in my studio while I paint.

Cosmic Queen of the Unseen

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