Carlyle Wolfe in Her Own Words


Three of the paintings in this exhibition are based on a color experience in the gardens at the Dixon last fall that I found spectacular.

warm, late afternoon light + goldening foliage + deep neutral violet grasses + zinnia gradients from oranges to pinks to violets + warm white fragrant roses + cypress olive greens + soft coral angel trumpets

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On the way, Thad and I stopped by DLG Memphis. I was wowed by the precise pitch of shifting fall violets, greens, and oranges in a Mary Sims painting (Untitled 29095) that was hanging on the entry wall of the gallery. In my studio, I was just beginning a fall painting, and then, David and I talked about a summer 2019 show in Nashville. All of these factors made me especially attentive to new color ideas when we arrived at the Dixon.

Thad enjoyed taking photos.
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I went back a few days later and made an oil on paper study.
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The colors that most caught my attention weren't necessarily in the same frame. When I made this collection of swatches, I was interested in recording a limited selection of colors that felt like the whole.
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Cw 6
Cw 7
Small studies help along the way, too. These tracked warmer and cooler interpretations of the fall garden at the Dixon.

The colors in Hot Lavender are similar to the colors in Fall Garden, but the proportions are significantly different - with an emphasis on violets in Hot Lavender.

A series of in-progress images... These photos sometimes help me make decisions for later layers, sometimes help me solve problems or remember processes, but I also enjoy recording the temporary stages of the paintings, the activity.
Cw 14
Cw 16
Cw 17
Cw 19
Cw 21
Cw 22

Hot Lavender / 4' x 5' / Oil on Panel / 2019

Cw 24
Angel Trumpets are native to tropical regions of South America but are now extinct in the wild - existing only in cultivation.
Angel Trumpets was the last painting that I finished ahead of the show. My first attempt had gotten away from me, so I mixed all of the paint before I started the second try. For the first time ever, I had exactly enough.
Angel Trumpets / 36" x 51" / Gouache on Paper / 2019

All images are courtesy of Thad Lee.

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